STEFEN ELECTRIC is engaged in manufacturing world class Lithium-ion solutions for electric bikes, electric vehicles, solar sector and a variety of other applications. At STEFEN, we believe that sustainable energy can create a better future for us. We therefore, strive to provide reliable and portable indigenous green energy solutions.
With more than 25 years of experience and goodwill in the field of manufacturing hi-tech induction heating and melting solutions, STEFEN has now ventured into Lithium ion technology with a team of experts. Bringing vast experience and knowledge of power electronics, STEFEN aims at developing high power batteries and control solutions for the electric vehicle industry in order to improve the EV efficiency and thus reduce the running cost.
We believe in providing value for money and in building a long term relation with our clients by following the motto “Sale is not the end, but a beginning of a new relationship”. With a family of more than 400 satisfied customers all over the country and abroad, STEFEN is expanding at a rapid pace. With stringent quality management systems during the different stages of production – the pre- process, In-process and pre-dispatch stage, we believe in manufacturing the best quality every single time. By incorporating customer feedback from our years of experience, we create products with attention to every minuscule detail, thus making the products user-friendly as well as economical.

Our Mission