Lithium ion Batteries for Street Lighting

Solar Storage & Lighting Industry

At STEFEN we believe that reliability is very important when it comes to energy storage applications for backup purpose, therefore our batteries are designed with special emphasis on durability and safety. Our batteries are used for wide range of energy storage applications like solar street lights, solar rooftops, telecom towers and also mega watt containerized batteries for grid services.

Solar Street Lighting

Product Details
Lithium Battery Model No. Battery Energy Charge Voltage Charge Current Discharge Voltage Discharge Current
SB-12V 50Ah 0.60Kwh 12.V 10A 9V 10A
SB-12V 100Ah 1.2Kwh 12.6V 10A 9V 10A
SB-24V 80Ah 1.92Kwh 29.2V 10A 20V 10A
SB-24V 100Ah 2.40Kwh 25.2V 10A 20V 10A